A Sister’s Diary

At the beginning of the summer between third and fourth grade, Jessica’s oldest brother Matt passed away in a terrible accident at camp. Desperately missing her brother, Jessica begins a diary in which she tells all of her deepest secrets, fears and hopes. Through her eyes we watch as the Allman family must come together to do what seems impossible. They must begin to heal.

A Sister’s Diary, by Jodi Scheinfeld, explores the power of a child and her family to work through profound loss, supported by their love for each other. Through the fragile, yet insightful mind of nine year old Jessica, the novel seeks to help children understand loss. The story reveals essential coping skills, with an emphasis on communication and the resilience of the human spirit. By reading Jessica’s diary, children will learn that love, courage and the inspiration of treasured memories can help them overcome the hardest of times.

Based on a true story, A Sister’s Diary is dedicated to the author’s oldest son, Jeremy, who died in 1998 at ten years of age. Subsequently, Jodi and her husband Rob established the Jeremy Scheinfeld Foundation for Kids to benefit children of all ages. It remains important to both of them to engage in pursuits that honor their son’s memory. The foundation supports programs and projects including research, arts, scholarship and athletics, all for children. Proceeds from this book will go to Jeremy’s Foundation.